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For almost 25 years, MauiTime has been a constant presence in our island community, but never have we been more challenged to serve you than in recent days.

We have rushed to bring you the latest information on the COVID-19 crisis, publishing more than 70 news stories in our print edition and on our website. We were the only Maui newspaper to ask questions at the governor’s most recent press conference, and we want to continue providing that coverage for our community in the weeks to come.

But we need your help to do so. MauiTime, fiercely independent and locally owned, is seriously teetering. The fallout from COVID-19 has shut down local restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues—our most loyal advertisers. In the past, they made it possible for us to offer you MauiTime free of charge. But that entire business model revolves around you congregating with others—eating out, going to shows, shopping at local stores. And now that our advertisers are hurting, we’re hurting too. We need your help to make it to the other side of this crisis.

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If you have the means, we are asking for financial assistance to MauiTime so we can keep providing you with important news and stories you won’t see anywhere else. We know there are many others who also need your sympathy and concern right now. But getting crucial information to as many people as possible needs to be a priority for our community, now more than ever. 

Maui needs strong coverage of local news more than ever before. We’re the only news source you can trust to tell the whole story, not just the story angle Maui’s establishment wants you to see. Help us continue keeping you informed by donating to MauiTime

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