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Journalism takes a lot of resources. Whether it’s for investigative reporting or covering the arts and entertainment scene, to be a vibrant local and independent newsmedia requires broad support.

Monterey County Weekly has always been oriented towards bringing people together: for events, concerts, lectures, to eat, drink and share good times at restaurants, to connect businesses to new customers, to help our downtowns thrive. 

We have relied on local businesses’ advertising support to fuel us. But today, with most local businesses shut down, that model is upside down. That’s why the Weekly is turning to you for financial support. 


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You value independent journalism. And while Monterey County Weekly remains strong in this wild age of technological disturbance, we can better meet our mission if we no longer rely strictly on advertisers as our sole source of revenue.

For over 30 years we’ve been the independent voice of Monterey County. You know the difference — the ongoing impact of our work, the value to you and your family, for the community. We work relentlessly to be the go-to media for events, arts & entertainment, have broken many, many news stories over more than three decades, have fought for our (and your) First Amendment rights and access to the public’s documents, repeatedly. By becoming a supporter, you help keep it this way, help support award-winning local journalism, journalism that makes your community better.